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We are a family- and firefighter-owned and operated company. Thank you for visiting!

VSI is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and patent holder of several all-terrain safety tools. Our products are proudly engineered, manufactured, assembled and used by the fire fighters and first responders of our crew in beautiful Hauser Lake, Idaho, USA.

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ppv fan safety video

Propeller Safety Demo.

Must-See for PPV fan users.


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LENTRY portable lights cut sheet
Literature Package:
LENTRY Lighting Systems

“After a first simple test, the new Ventry fan had 50% better air flow than those that we normally use in the Swedish fire brigades. SRTC has now got the first one in Scandinavia...”

~ Posted 8/2015 on srtc.se
(Swedish Rescue Training Centre)

Also just posted: PPV Fan testing/comparison (Poland)

See LENTRY Portable Generator Lights at ICUEE in September

LENTRY Lights have a new look
See the Animation

PPA Fan demo while pregnant
Video: Deploying a PPV Fan
while 9 months pregnant!

PPA on wind turbines
Wind turbine rescue:
a PPA drill like no other!

LED lighting towing and recovery efforts in Montana
Efforts to turn a crane rightside up
aided by LENTRY Unit with LED V-Star

PPV Fan Safety Video
PPV Fan Propeller Safety Video

Announcing Flat-Free Wheels on VENTRY Fans
Introducing Flat-Free Wheels!

Our positive pressure ventilation fans and portable light and generator systems are the result of sound engineering, extensive hands-on experience, direct customer feedback, cutting edge technology, top quality materials, and an outstanding staff. As firefighters ourselves, we demand much of these products. We use our fans and lights on our own first-out apparatus and are proud to also offer these ventilation and scene lighting solutions across the United States, earning repeat business by making tools that don’t just do their job well, but that perform to an outstanding, extraordinary level.

VENTRY Fans and Blowers for fire fighting

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