Photo Gallery: Photos from Fire/Rescue Customers

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Photo courtesy of Blanchat Manufacturing, Inc.  

At left, photo used with permission of Blanchat Manufacturing (Kansas).

Minuteman trucks from Blanchat Manufacturing each include a VENTRY Fan as standard equipment.

PPV Fan tests in Spain   Photo courtesy of Courtney Knapp
Thanks to Battalion Chief Arturo Arnalich, CEIS Guadalajara (Spain) for dramatic photos, constructive feedback, and details of one of the most challenging fan tests we have seen. Click here for the page in which he explains the test and for a link to all photos.   Thanks to Courtney of Jordan Lumber Company’s Fire Division for sharing the photo above. Courtney explained that this is his department’s Metz Aerial that carries a VENTRY Fan. The department is Carrabassett Valley Fire Rescue. Photo used with permission from Courtney Knapp.
Right and below: Thanks to Chief Garrett of the Sundance Volunteer Fire Association in Wamauma, Florida for the following three photos. He tells us that their VENTRY Fan is on board their Engine (the E-One Cyclone below) and “fits perfectly in a rear compartment on a roll-out shelf.”   Photo courtesy of the Sundance Vol. Fire Association
Photo courtesy of the Sundance Vol. Fire Association   Photo courtesy of the Sundance Vol. Fire Association
Rick Kumm of the Cokedale Fire Department in Cokedale, Colorado also has a very slick setup for stowing his department’s VENTRY Fan. He thoughtfully shared the photos at right and below with us. Thank you, Rick!   Photo courtesy of the Cokedale FD
Photo courtesy of the Cokedale FD   Photo courtesy of the Cokedale FD

Our own local department, the Hauser Lake VFD, carries a 20-inch VENTRY Fan on their Quick Attack (below) and another one (right) on another rig.

  HLFD’s brush truck carries a second VENTRY Fan
VENTRY Fan on the Quick Attack of Hauser Lake VFD  

Chris Marley of QDCIP Fire, LLC is a dealer of VENTRY and LENTRY units. As a firefighter, Chris uses VENTRY Fans and likes them so much he has opened a business and sells VENTRY and LENTRY units across Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania.Photo courtesy of Michelle Wintering

At right are photos of a training Chris attended at the Columbus Fire Department in Ohio.

Columbus training photos are courtesy of University student Michelle Wintering, the photographer. Thanks, Michelle! And thanks to QDCIP for letting us share them on this site. Click the photo to see a larger version.

Photo courtesy of Michelle Wintering

Thank you to our customers and dealers for sharing their feedback and photos! If you have pictures or anecdotes to share, please call or email any time. Also see our Facebook page, where we share fun stuff. No account is required to view it.

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