Photo Gallery: Miscellaneous Fire Photos

How to cool a house in less than 1 minute.
VENTRY Fan in use on a structure fire, performing positive pressure ventilation

Positive Pressure Ventilation Blowers in use for PPA, PPV and other applications

Positive Pressure Ventilation and firefighting

The first photo at right was taken near Camdenton, Missouri and originally shared on our Facebook page by alert Missouri dealer Trapper Meadors. He wrote,

“Hi Joan, thought you would like this picture. Had a little house fire last week, ambient outside temperature 102 with 98 percent humidity. I’m at the end of the line through the front door with one of our VENTRY Fans right behind me doing its thing.” ~ Trapper Meadors, Precision Fire Apparatus

The photo at right is used with permission, Trapper Meadors.

The second photo, upper right, shows James Neils, our CEO, using the Electric VENTRY Fan to cool down his house during the heat wave of 2015.

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Photos above received by email from a Battalion Chief with this note:
“Earlier this afternoon, kitchen fire. Try to set any other fan in that entrance door, if you can.”

Transport and setup

There are a variety of ways to move a VENTRY Fan.

Side handles on all VENTRY Fans allow for one person to carry the fan against his/her chest, as James does in the photo above right. Two people can also each grab a handle, as Ken and James are doing at right. Fans with Wheels are simply rolled with one hand, as a firefighter with Spokane Valley is doing in the upper photo. Click images to enlarge.

Rolling the fan One-person carry Two-person carry

All-Terrain Versatility

How often do fire fighters encounter perfect situations? How often are there no porches or stairs, no snow, standing water, gravel, hills, landscaping, hose or other obstacles? Not often. That’s why we design VENTRY Fans to work in any situation, without cribbing!

You should not need a doghouse to prop up and aim your PPV fan! Legs allow VENTRY Fans to set solidly on uneven, sloped, and debris-strewn ground. Place them in the rose garden, off to the side, out of the way, and let the fire fighters use the sidewalk. Don’t blow air under the porch, aim the airstream over the stairs and into the door from about 12 feet away. VENTRY Fans should be positioned 8 to 15 feet back from the target. When in doubt, place them FARTHER AWAY than you think they should be, not too close - and ALWAYS extend the legs on the fan when in use, even if only 6 inches.

20GX160 in snow through door
20GX160 in snow 20GX160 in snow 20GX160 in snow

Cleaning, ventilation and general control of air

Creative use of a PPV Fan

Creative use of a PPV Fan Creative use of a PPV Fan

We clean our shop, including the office area, production rooms, and large main bay using one of our fans and an air compressor.

We isolate one room at a time, placing a fan at the entrance. We open all windows to the outside (the larger the exit the better), and we close any doors leading to other rooms. You can not see it in the photos, but we open the huge garage doors behind the fan so that there is plenty of fresh air being pulled in from outside.

In September 2010, we used a 20GX120 model and only at about 1/3 throttle at most. That was plenty air movement for blowing the dust out the windows. While the fan is ventilating the room, we go around with the air compressor, holding down papers and blowing off everything. This makes the dust go airborn, letting the airflow from the fan carry it out the windows (taking the path of least resistance). When we are all done stirring up the air with the air compressor, the room is filled with fresh air by the fan in a matter of seconds. No residual dust.

Creative use of a PPV Fan Creative use of a PPV Fan

The fan is set quite a ways back from the entrance of one room at a time. We work with air compressors while the fan blows the airborne dust out the window in the background. Sometimes one person blows dust with the air compressor and the other holds things down.

And that is how we do our most thorough cleaning!

Putting Thrust to Work for you

Below, a VENTRY Fan is used to move and maneuver two boat docks on Hauser Lake. This model produces 18 pounds of thrust, so is pretty effective at pushing as well as moving air. (Please note, the propane fan shown in these two photos is our shop fan, not available for purchase.). Click here for the longer explanation.

Using thrust to move docks Using thrust to push docks
VENTRY Fans and Blowers for fire fighting

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