Pregnant lady demonstrates legs on fans

Video: 9-months pregnant, Joan demonstrates the legs on VENTRY Fans.

Attack fan model 24GC160 set up in the snow

All VENTRY Fans may be set out of the way, in the landscaping or snowbank, leaving the attack area clear for crew and victims. 24GC160 shown.

What’s so great about the Legs on VENTRY Fans?

The Legs on VENTRY® Fans...

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Received 5/19/2014 by email from a
European Battalion Chief:
“Earlier this afternoon, kitchen fire.
Try to set any other fan in that
entrance door, if you can.”

All VENTRY Fans have legs

They always have had legs and always will have legs because, as John Neils explained...

“When I joined our volunteer fire department in the late 80s, the Chief ‘volunteered’ me to build a PPV fan for the department.

“Two problems with existing fans were obvious. First was the problem of aiming the airstream over obstacles like entry steps, especially at mobile home fires. The second was ground debris being sucked into the fan. . . Every student pilot learns not to run up his/her engine over loose gravel; it gets sucked in, wrecks your prop, and gets batted through the windshield of the Lear jet (which costs twice as much as your airplane)! The solution to both problems was to elevate the fan. The problem would then be to handle the high thrust created by a properly designed prop (a story in itself).

“The solution was our curved leg design, and good enough that we were granted a patent. As the curved legs are extended, the fan base widens, adding stability and handling the thrust. Also, with a VENTRY fan, your people can decide to elevate a little or a lot as the situation requires.”

Ventry vs. conventional on-the-ground fans illustration

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