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Video of a test comparing two PPV Fans. The 5.5 hp Ventry Fan outblows the 8 hp competitor.

VIDEO: Blow-off between 2 PPV fans

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The significant and numerous benefits of combining cutting-edge propeller technology, an open-flow guard, and our patented three-legged design are explained in later pages of this site. See pages on...

VENTRY Fans...

Points to PonderLarge 24-inch Fan with upgrade to Large Pneumatic Wheels and Safety Light

We try not to make claims about our products that can not be scientifically measured or proven; unfortunately, wesee many claims using words like “highest, greatest, best, safest” and other words used to describe products which can not be proven. Please consider the following points before deciding which fan is best for you. Even poor performing fans last a very long time. Doing your research before you purchase may save YEARS of unnecessary hassles and hazards.

How to Buy a Fan in 2 Steps: Choose a model from the Specifications Sheet and contact a Dealer for pricing, quotes and availability. We are here to help, too! Call and talk to a real person at Ventry Solutions, weekdays 7:30 to 3:30 Pacific. (888) 257-8967. Messages returned within 1 business day!
VENTRY Fans and Blowers for fire fighting

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