LENTRY All-Terrain Legs (Also called frames or stands)

Add legs to your Honda Generator

LENTRY Legs fit Honda generators

For maximum versatility and lifespan of your
Honda generator, add LENTRY Legs!

Add Legs to a Honda Generator

LENTRY System Frames are generator- (or pump-) specific. They fit Honda EU1000i and EU2000i generators and compact rescue pumps by Holmatro and Genesis. They bolt directly to the bottom of a Honda EU1000i or Honda EU2000i generators. They also retrofit to those generators or their international equivalents. LENTRY Legs may also be added to some generators which have light kits attached.

LENTRY Frames are also referred to as LENTRY Stands or LENTRY Legs. They are made of powder-coated steel with threee tripod-like solid aluminum legs which are independently adjustable. Legs lock in infinite positions to lift and level the generator or pump and provide a clean, optimal spot for operation regardless of the terrain.

LENTRY® Units are the only Power & Light Systems with patented, all-terrain, tripod Legs for all-terrain versatility. Grab-n-go to a remote location or setup on-the-spot for nearly instant power and lots of light!

If you already have a Honda EU1000i or Honda EU2000i generator, you can just add the other components (Legs, Light Base and Light) to create a complete LENTRY System.

Click here for a list of all the possible LENTRY Units available.

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All-Terrain Genesis Pump

Above: LENTRY Legs on a compact simo-pump / duo-pump model by Genesis Rescue Systems

Duo pump / Simo pump with legs

all-terrain pumps for extrication rescue

Logo: LENTRY All-Terrain Legs for Pumps by Ventry Solutions, Inc.

LENTRY Legs bolt to Genesis pumps or Holmatro pumps, giving them all-terrain capabilities

LENTRY Legs are powder coated black and come with reflective tape and dots for visibility, as shown on the Legs above left.

Holmatro and Genesis power units with legs

It takes just a few minutes and basic tools to attach LENTRY All-Terrain Legs to your compact Holmatro or Genesis pump.

Holmatro Rescue pump with legs

All Terrain LENTRY® Legs for Pumps

Now available for select Rescue Pumps

Add all-terrain capabilities to your Genesis or Holmatro compact rescue tool pump.

A new line of LENTRY Legs is now available which fit certain compact rescue tool pumps by Genesis Rescue Systems and Holmatro. Specifically, LENTRY Legs are available to fit Holmatro DPU 31 PC pumps or Genesis Eco Silent power pump (Power Unit ART.593.531.8), increasing their life-span, ease of set-up and functionality. Also called Frames or Stands, all-terrain LENTRY Legs are made in the USA by first responders and are engineered to overcome unpredictable terrain and withstand rough handling.

Why Add Legs to Your Pump?

LENTRY Legs for Pumps...

  • Allow set-up of extrication pump on uneven ground, hills and stairs
  • Legs extend a little or a lot, as needed
  • Legs retract for storage and transport and protect your investment (the hydraulic pump) similar to a roll bar
  • Each leg adjusts and locks independently with the turn of a knob, providing a flat, level surface no matter the terrain
  • Straddle obstacles such as debris, hose and rocks
  • Lift Holmatro rescue pump or Genesis echo silent power unit out of snow, sand, and standing water
  • Raise rescue pump controls within easy reach of operator
  • Made of powder-coated steel, solid aluminum and the highest quality hardware
  • Five-year warranty and lifetime factory support

Specs and Pricing

LENTRY Legs for Pumps weigh 9.25 to 10 pounds. For dimensions and pricing, please contact Ventry Solutions, Inc. Please mention your home state so we can also refer you to one of our helpful dealers!

Extrication Rescue Pumps

For information on Genesis Eco Silent Simo Power Pumps, click here to visit genesisrescue.com

For information on Holmatro DPU 31 PC Duo Pump Personal Power®, click here to visit holmatro.com

All-Terrain Genesis Pump

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