generator sets with telescoping lights - 2 heights shown in 3 photos.

Standard (left) and XT unit (middle and right) shown.
No Hi-Lite is shown here.

Height: Choose Standard, XT, or Hi-Lite

Dimensions are approximate.

For condensed info, see the Specs page.

On LENTRY Systems, you choose the height of the telescoping light or lights. All LENTRY Lights are available in standard height or extra tall XT. Optup and V-Spec LEDs are also available as Hi-Lites.

Usually, taller is better for scene lighting (flagger lighting, too). The drawback of taller lights is that they take more storage space and weigh a bit more. Hi-Lites are so tall they can be challenging to set up, so should only be chosen in special cases where very tall lighting is needed. In general, the higher the light source, the better for illuminating large areas and greater distances.

All LENTRY Systems illuminate large areas better than low-sitting conventional generator sets.

Photos at right: Three photos and two different heights. James with a standard height model 1OPUPS, legs and light fully extended. XT unit 1OPUPX shown in the middle and right photo, with the light down and up. Click to enlarge.

James with a LENTRY System disconnected

All LENTRY light heads are removable from the pole if they have the new Quick Release option and all telescoping poles disconnect from the rest of the unit.

Standard Height

“Standard” is our nice way of saying “short.”

Below: Model 1SPECS - 1000W unit with standard height V-Spec LED

Single V-Spec LED on an EU1000i generator

Right: Model 1OPUPS holds its head above the brush.

Consider the popular on-the-ground generator sets...

All Terrain Scene Light in the deep brush where a gen-set will not work

...How useful would a conventional gas-powered flashlight be in tall grass?

All-Terrain Scene Light on a hillside

Above: James aims 1OPUPS down a steep hill.

LENTRY Units with standard height lights stand about 4.5 feet (56 inches) with legs and lights fully extended. This does not seem like much, but it’s often all you need to overcome obstacles and light the scene. Those few feet make all the difference in functionality.

Standard height lights are often left connected at all times because they are so compact. Lights fold foward, to the side, or over the top to accomodate different storage spaces.



XT Height

“XT” stands for “eXtra Tall.”

LENTRY Units with XT lights stand about 8.5 to 9 feet tall with the legs and light fully extended.

With just the legs extended and the light down all the way, XT units are still about five and a half feet tall, as shown in Picture 8.

Bright, portable scene lighting: Model 1OPUPX

Picture 11: LENTRY model 1OPUPX shown.

5'8 person next to a LENTRY Unit with a retracted XT light

Picture 8: Joan, 5 ft 8 in, is standing next to an XT light that is all the way down.

Portable scene lighting for utilities, construction, emergency, law enforcement...

Picture 9: LENTRY Unit with an XT light, completely retracted. Model 1SPECX shown.

Extra Tall 2-Headed Optup light

Picture 10: LENTRY Unit with the 2-Headed light partially extended shown (XT height). Model 2TXHDX

Upgrade to Hi-Lite Height

Two LENTRY Systems, model 2OPUPX and 2SPECX, may be upgraded to Hi-Lites.

James adjusts a 13' tall custom LENTRY Unit, used for flagger lighting and highway lighting

↑ Picture 12: This 13-foot light is tall even when it is retracted! It is probably not a good light for those who are vertically challenged!

James (6'2) stands next to a 13' tall custom LENTRY Unit, used for lighting flaggers

Lead time is four weeks.

LENTRY Systems with Hi-Lites will stand 13 feet tall, with legs and lights fully extended. The minimum height of the light by itself would still be approximately 6 feet long.

At left is a custom 1000W LENTRY System for a customer in the Oregon DOT who needed lighting for flaggers that stood 13 feet high. It features an Optup Hi-Lite. James is 6'-2". We would not recommend extending it to its full height in a windstorm, but it is quite stable because of the LENTRY Legs’ wide footprint. This unit proved so valuable to the first customer that we now offer this upgrade option on LENTRY Scene Lighting Systems with V-Spec LED and Optup halogen lights. (We do not offer Hi-Lite upgrades with the 2-Headed, V-Star, or Panorama lights.)

Please note: Hi-Lites are so tall—even when they are not extended—that they may take two people, one really tall person, or a person and a step ladder to set up!

← Picture 13: James stands next to the LENTRY Hi-Lite System, fully extended, produced for a customer with the Department of Transportation, for use in lighting flaggers.


Hi-Lites are so tall, you may need a second person, a tall person, or a step stool to set them up.

↑ Picture 14: While trying to take photos of upgraded model 2SPECX Hi-Lite, Joan who is 5'-8" tall, was unable to extend it by herself. Ken helped her, and still needed to use a step stool. Ken is over 6' tall.

Side by Side: All Heights

Custom LENTRY Units with two or three lights (separate telescoping lights held by dual or triple light bases), can show the relative sizes well.

Pictures 13-15 show LENTRY Units with the EU2000i generator and two lights, one standard and one XT. Pictures 16 and 17 show a LENTRY Unit with the EU2000i generator and three lights, one of each height (standard, XT and Hi-Lite).

Polelights and legs fully extended

Picture 17: Lights and legs fully extended on a custom unit with the EU2000i generator and two halogens (one standard and one XT).

Three lights, all retracted

Pictures 18 and 19: Custom EU2000i unit with three lights, one of each height (standard Optup, XT V-Spec LED, and Hi-Lite V-Spec LED). All lights are retracted above and fully extended at right.

Triple lights, all extended
EU2000i LENTRY Unit with dual lights, both disconnected

Picture 15: Two lights, XT and standard height, disconnected
and retracted as short as they will go. (The modern equivalent of the lights shown would be Optups)

Dual unit with lights connected (one standard and one XT)

Picture 16: If lights are left connected to the rest of the unit, the configurations are endless. This is a custom unit with two lights, one XT and one standard.

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