PPV Fan during positive pressure ventilation

VENTRY Fans are made by firefighters for firefighters to STAND UP to the challenges they face every day, to make them safer and more effective.

Attack with VENTRY PPA Fan

VENTRY Fans are engineered for aggressive, coordinated positive pressure attack (PPA) and ventilation (PPV), also called forced ventilation.

Why Choose VENTRY® Fans?

The whole point of ventilation, especially for firefighting and PPV, is to deliver lots of fresh air SAFELY and FAST! The fan you use for ventilation or attack MUST...

VENTRY Fans all have three things which result in numerous advantages and solve the problems commonly associated with PPV...

Most popular VENTRY PPV Fan: 20GX160 with flat-free wheels and point of entry safety lightVersatility, small size and high output are the main reasons that fire fighters, hot air balloonists and others with industrial applications, choose VENTRY Fans. Well engineered for efficiency, strength, and simplicity, VENTRY Fans achieve high air volumes with much smaller engines, thus avoiding excess weight, storage size and bulk, noise, carbon monoxide, and expense.

As you peruse this site and learn about VENTRY Fans, keep in mind that what you need from a ventilation fan is lots of AIR, not tons of horsepower.

PPV Fan photo courtesy JP Miklovic

PPV Fan photos courtesy JP Miklovic

Video shows a 5.5 hp VENTRY PPV Fan outblowing an 8 hp box ventilation fan

Only VENTRY Fans can be set up far back out of the way and aim the airstream over entry steps and porches. Click images for more photos. Click here to see video, generously shared by the Richfield Volunteer Fire Company (Wisconsin) showing their blow-off between a VENTRY Fan and that of a leading competitor.

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