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Inflation Fan photo courtesy of Lau Laursen, Circus Balloon Club, Denmark

Photo by Lau Laursen, Circus Balloon Club, Denmark

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Benefits Overview

Every feature engineered into VENTRY Fans works to the benefit of Hot Air Balloonists.

There are many advantages engineered into our VENTRY Fans that are best experienced hands-on.

What Do Balloonists Like About VENTRY Fans?

We are repeatedly told that VENTRY Fans hold their own against--and often exceed the air output of--much higher horsepower blowers. The added bonus is that VENTRY Fans retract to fit in the balloon basket. See the dimensions table for fan sizes.

The patented, three-legged design of VENTRY Balloon Inflation Fans offer the advantages of an elevated fan with the convenience of compact storage. Our unique aircraft-style propeller with forward-sweeping tips creates a uniform, tight air cone allowing the fan to be set farther back from the throat of the balloon. This keeps the fan out of the way of lines yet pushes the air into the balloon, not onto the crew.

More Advantages of VENTRY Inflation Fans for Hot Air Balloonists

  • Compact size; fits in most balloon baskets
  • Maximum air volume, quiet operation, and one-person setup
  • Simple design for easy, intuitive operation and field service (parts available through your local hardware store or via next-day air shipping)
  • Kevlar™ and fiberglass-clad, aircraft-type Safety Propeller is engineered for superior safety, efficiency, and durability
  • Safety propellers utilize aircraft technology to push maximum air with minimal horsepower
  • High pressure will inflate your balloon even when it is squeezed between others and resists billowing due to wind
  • Extending the legs and elevating the fan minimize the amount of debris blown which can cause damage and even ignite during hot inflation
  • Lightweight for easy handling by ground crew members
  • Extremely stable; will not tip or walk
  • Handle on operator side for convenient moving and aiming. Also features dual seven-handles for one-person carry when legs are extended or retracted
  • Extremely tight cold pack due to propeller design
  • Heavy-duty guard designed to take abuse
  • Rugged, powder-coated steel frame
  • Legs lock in any position allowing downward aiming and compact storage
  • Elevating the fan increases propeller clearance, eliminates debris pick-up, ejection, and damage, and enhances safety
  • Three Wheel options to choose from for easy transport and maneuverability
  • Standard, familiar engines and simple, intuitive operation
  • Three differentially-extendible, screw-lock legs stand securely on uneven ground and minimize “walking”
  • Minimal noise level due to propeller’s efficient utilization of engine thrust
  • Tripod design retracts compactly for storage in the basket
  • Patented outwardly curving legs provide a larger footprint for increased stability as fan is elevated. Stable operation throughout full range.
  • Five-year warranty on all materials and workmanship (We increased this from three years in 2008. Warranty is retroactive!)
  • Shipped fully assembled via UPS, FOB Hauser, ID
24-inch Honda GX160 VENTRY Fan filling a 90,000 cf balloon

Older model 24GX160 VENTRY Fan filling a 90,000 cubic foot balloon. (Photo used with permission of Lindan Hot Air Service Center.)

Inflator Fan Placement for Hot Air Balloon Inflations

We have found that a VENTRY Fan should be placed approximately 1.5 times the diameter of the throat opening back from the throat. (In firefighting, we recommend 1.5 times the height of the door.) This gives maximum volume while keeping the fan clear of lines. Placing a VENTRY Fan too close to the throat opening will decrease inflation efficiency more so than setting it too far away. We encourage balloonists to experiment with placing our fans waaaaay farther back from the throat than they think they should!

See also the page on fan placement.

How to Buy a Fan in 2 Steps: Choose a model from the Specifications Sheet and contact a Dealer for pricing, quotes and availability. We are here to help, too! Call and talk to a real person at Ventry Solutions, weekdays 7:30 to 3:30 Pacific. (888) 257-8967. Messages returned within 1 business day!
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