Smoke-Busting Safety Propeller

VENTRY Safety Propellers

SAFE, Efficient, Small Size, and High CFM

The secret to the high air volume of VENTRY® Fans lies in our unique, fail-safe Safety Propellers.

Our dual-blade props are engineered and manufactured using the fundamentals of aerodynamics and state-of-the-art proprietary technology. We engineer each propeller specifically for each motor, in order to utilize every bit of horsepower and maximize the power curve for highest air volume.

Highly efficient VENTRY Fans are frequently tested against higher hp competitors, and are chosen again and again after revealing higher hp to be unnecessary. Thanks to Safety Propellers, they are known to move more air with smaller motors.

20GX160 propeller blank

Simple animation of one step in the propeller design process. Prop “blanks” like this eventually become the template for propellers on various fans. Each VENTRY Fan has a specific propeller engineered for its length and horsepower, for maximum output.

An obvious and huge benefit of propeller efficiency is a great reduction in noise (see further down this page) and carbon monoxide. Moving more air with less horsepower also saves you much bulk and weight and expense.

Safe (due to their composition)

As firefighters, we know that things go WRONG on scene. Often, actually. Our fans are engineered to perform well when things are going right, and to be SAFE when things go WRONG.

VENTRY Safety Props are Kevlar and fiberglass composites with a wooden core manufactured at our facility. Due to their compositition, they are accepting of a tremendous amount of use and abuse, yet designed for controlled disintegration when safety warrants, without the release of high energy projectiles or shrapnel.

If you use your VENTRY Fan properly and always extend the legs when in use, its propeller will last decades. And if something goes wrong though and safety requires, as one of our customers described, the propeller will turn to dust so you do not!

“Anticipating and addressing failure at the engineering level is the gold standard of engineering, due to the fact that everything will at some point fail or be used inappropriately. You guys foresaw blade failures and took appropriate action.” ~ Captain Howell, City of Bethel FD

Captain Howell shared an experience with us that we know could happen anywhere at any time...

“One of my firefighters almost got killed by an exploding [manufacturer name deleted] fan. He fell backwards onto it while doing a body drag during training. His SCBA cylinder valve hit the fan shroud and the blade broke into 2x2 inch pieces all the way to the hub. I estimate more than a dozen of these exited through the sheet metal of the fan shroud right next to his head and the 4500 psi air cylinder. Those pieces flew so far we were unable to find them. God was with us that day, they all missed him and his equipment.”

This experience drove Captain Howell to find us and switch to VENTRY Fans in 2013. We share his story here, with permission, to encourage others to seriously consider the safety of all PPV fans before something goes wrong.

When *$#!+* hits the Fan, it better be a VENTRY!

When a pike pole hits the fan, it better be a VENTRY Fan!

As the broken prop at right shows, and which we bring to tradeshows, if something goes very wrong—and it sometimes does—VENTRY Fans are fail-safe! A pike pole was shoved through the guard, hitting the propeller that is shown here. As it is designed to do, the affected areas of the propeller disintegrate into low-energy toothpicks. The untouched areas of the propeller remain intact. No shrapnel. No expensive engine damage. No firefighter injuries! We have had numerous calls from startled but safe firefighters thanking us for the fail-safe design of VENTRY Fan Safety Propellers over 27 years. See more on prop safety on our FAQ page.

In all these years of manufacturing VENTRY Fans, we have heard from many customers who are grateful for our uniquely fail-safe technology. Before something goes wrong, please consider safety. Don’t wait until something goes wrong to make sure your fan is SAFE.


Besides contributing to safety, the wooden core makes Safety Propellers naturally vibration dampening which is one of several reasons VENTRY Fans are known to stay put and not walk!

Placement of Fan Farther Back

The advanced curvature of the prop -- forward sweeping tips -- makes for a tighter, more uniform air cone. This high-quality and consistent air cone (as opposed to erratic) helps with aiming and allows the fan to be placed farther away from the target. The narrow air cone pushes air directly at the target instead of around it in a wide circle. Click here for illustrations and explanations of the airstream in action.

Placement farther back from the target is crucial for keeping the fan out of your way. Firefighters should never have to crawl over the top of a fan while they are using it!

Less Blades equal Less Noise

TRUE STORY: We once had a fire department call us and complain that their VENTRY Fan was not working very well. Why did they think that? The VENTRY Fan was not making “enough” noise! They just assumed that to be effective, fans also had to be painfully loud. Nope.

Do not fall for the “more is better” fallacy of multiple-blade props. Multiple blades stir the air rather than push it, wasting energy in the form of noise. This is called “form drag” or “eddy making drag” and is due to multiple tips and greater surface area.

Note: VENTRY Fans are quiet for other reasons too. Please also see the Guards page and the Solved/Quiet page.

How to Buy a Fan in 2 Steps: Choose a model from the Specifications Sheet and contact a Dealer for pricing, quotes and availability. We are here to help, too! Call and talk to a real person at Ventry Solutions, weekdays 7:30 to 3:30 Pacific. (888) 257-8967. Messages returned within 1 business day!
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