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Introduction to LENTRY Systems for Scene Light and Power

Few tools can improve safety and easy of operations more than good lighting!

LENTRY® Light Systems* are portable, self-contained safety tools that brightly light large areas and provide computer-safe power—no matter the scene or season.

These unique gas-powered units have three adjustable, outward-curving “Legs.” LENTRY Power and Lighting Systems are critical tools for disaster preparedness, turning night into day. As all-terrain generator lights, they are also excellent alternatives to trailer-mounted light towers.

LED light system turns night into day

Multiple models with LEDs: 20,000 to 56,000 lumens

Benefits in Brief

What are they?

LENTRY Systems include a 1000 or 2000 watt generator, all-terrain legs, and bright, telescoping lights.



Legs (Frame)







Independently adjustable Frame/Legs


Telescoping Pole-Light


LENTRY System example (model 1OPUPS)

Doug extends the light on new LENTRY model 2TWHDX

Photos of LED Safety Lighting in use



LENTRY Generator and Light Systems are protected under US Patent No. US D684,309.

LENTRY Generator & Light Systems are all-terrain, with generators, legs and lights. They are NOT gas-powered flashlights. LENTRY Systems are easy to deploy, versatile power and light systems for scene lighting, safety, and remote areas. Like both of our product lines, they are made by fire fighters primarily for fire fighters. This benefits all users because the all terrain scene lights are well engineered and rugged, incorporating feedback from fire/rescue personnel going back over 20 years. They are built to withstand firefighter use and abuse.

If you EVER have a problem with your LENTRY System, please contact us for lifetime factory support. We will do our best to take care of any problems and ensure your complete satisfaction, and maybe even make improvements that apply to future products. (More details on warranty are explained on the Specifications page.)

5 Steps to better scene lighting

Below are the five steps involved in choosing the ideal model of LENTRY System for your needs.

  1. Choose a generator.
  2. Add the LENTRY Frame/Legs specific to the generator you chose or already have.
  3. Choose the light or lights.
  4. Choose the height.
  5. Add any optional items and spare parts.

Made by the Fire Fighters of Ventry Solutions, Inc.

Got the generator? Add the legs...

If you already have a Honda EU1000i or Honda EU2000i generator, you can just add the other components (Legs, Light Base and Light) to create a complete LENTRY System.

More photos of LED scene light and power units

A LENTRY Unit lights an overturned crane in Montana. Click for more photos.

Even on rough terrain, scenes with obstacles, hills, mud, snow, water, etc, LENTRY units stand solid, providing massive amounts of light and supplemental power. Their outward curving legs provide an expanding footprint as they are extended, for surprisingly solid stance on almost any terrain. Raising the light high in the air provides greater illumination of larger scenes, and the telescoping and rotating ability allows for aiming in any direction.

LENTRY® Safety Lighting units are the result of fire fighters around the nation asking us to apply---to a generator and light---the patented all-terrain frame capabilities previously available only on VENTRY® Fans. Combining the hands-on experience of our staff and our customers’ feedback all these years has resulted in extremely well-entered, all-terrain scene lighting systems.

We (Ventry Solutions, Inc.) began manufacturing LENTRY Systems in 2004 and continually refine and expand the product line. There are now many different models (Catalog here) and they are used world-wide for a variety of applications (list of uses).

*We refer to the LENTRY product line as LENTRY Light Systems, Lighting, Power & Light Units, Generator Lights, Scene Lighting Units, and other variations on those ideas. The names are used interchangeably but all refer to the same systems of generators with legs and telescoping lights!


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