750W Optup halogen system with 1000-watt Honda generator - model 1OPUS

Animation of LENTRY Power and Light System

All LENTRY Models deploy easily and have legs and telescoping lights. Light heads and poles are easily removed with the turn of a knob.

Introduction to LENTRY Systems
(All-Terrain Scene Light and Power)

Few tools can improve safety and easy of operations more than good lighting.

LENTRY® Light Systems* are portable, self-contained safety tools that brightly light large areas and provide computer-safe power—no matter the terrain or scene or season.

These unique gas-powered units have three adjustable, outward-curving “Legs.” LENTRY Power and Lighting Systems are critical tools for disaster preparedness, turning night into day. They are also popular with fire/rescue, law enforcement, scene investigation, search and rescue, utilities, rail roads, construction and transportation-related fields. As all-terrain generator lights, they are practical alternatives to trailer-mounted light towers.

Benefits in Brief

Let LENTRY Lights Solve Your Scene Lighting Problems

LED light system turns night into day

Multiple models with LEDs: 20,000 to 84,000 lumens

Photos of LED Safety Lighting in use

James next to a standard height model 2OPUPS, aiming over brush

James stands next to LENTRY models 2OPUPS (standard height, 2000W model).

Portable Honda generator light tower set up on a steep hill

James on a hill, aiming the light on LENTRY model 2OPUPS down the hill.

XT power and light system set up in tall brush and on a slight hill

LENTRY model 2OPUPX (extra tall pole and Optup Halogen light) fully extended.

As demonstrated in the three photos above, legs and telescoping abilities are very helpful on steep hills and in brush. Whenever there are obstacles or unpredictable situations, LENTRY Systems are a solution.

Most of our customers are looking for scene lighting (large area lighting) for a variety of commercial and emergency situations. They often find gasoline-powered flashlights first (Honda generators with lights fixed on the front). But what happens at the first scene where you have 3-foot tall grass? A steep bank? Standing water? No level ground? Does one of your crew get to stand there holding and aiming the 30-pound flashlight?

Got the generator? Add the legs...

Add your own generator and create a complete LENTRY System.

It only takes ONE TIME, one incident at which the terrain is challenging but time is of the essence and a person’s life is at risk. ONE TIME and you’ll feel pretty smart for having recognized and chosen superior safety and function over other options.

An example illustrating this point came from our local fire department which fought a house fire this winter. James (Deputy Chief) set up their LENTRY System on the Charlie side and forgot about it. It lit that side of the house all night long without anyone needing to worry about it. At one point, James noticed that the LENTRY Unit was standing in a RIVER from all the water the firefighters had been dumping on the house and which was now running down the hill. If they’d had a fixed light system, it would have failed or been ruined hours ago. Click here for photos of this scene.

Scene lighting is truly an example of getting what you pay for. It should be easy to use, set up, transport, operate, take down... It should work AMAZINGLY well, turn night into day, and be SAFE. Keep in mind that no matter what you buy, it should last 20 years or more. Spend those years enjoying the benefits of life made easier.


LENTRY Generator and Light Systems are protected under US Patent No. US D684,309.

LENTRY Generator & Light Systems are all-terrain, with generators, legs and telescoping lights. They are NOT gas-powered flashlights. LENTRY Systems are easy to deploy, versatile power and light systems for scene lighting, safety, and remote areas. Like both of our product lines, they are made by fire fighters primarily for fire fighters. This benefits all users because the all terrain scene lights are well engineered and rugged, incorporating feedback from fire/rescue personnel going back over 20 years. They are built to withstand firefighter use and abuse. They are covered by what our customers have called a “no BS” warranty and lifetime factory support.

More photos of LED scene light and power units

A LENTRY Unit lights an overturned crane in Montana. Click for more photos.

Made by the Fire Fighters of Ventry Solutions, Inc.

Even on rough terrain, scenes with obstacles, hills, mud, snow, water, etc, LENTRY units stand solid, providing massive amounts of light and supplemental power. Their outward curving legs provide an expanding footprint as they are extended, for surprisingly solid stance on almost any terrain. Raising the light high in the air provides greater illumination of larger scenes, and the telescoping and rotating ability allows for aiming in any direction.

LENTRY® Safety Lighting units are the result of fire fighters around the nation asking us to apply---to a generator and light---the patented all-terrain frame capabilities previously available only on VENTRY® Fans. Combining the hands-on experience of our staff and our customers’ feedback all these years has resulted in extremely well-entered, all-terrain scene lighting systems.

We (Ventry Solutions, Inc.) began manufacturing LENTRY Systems in 2004 and continually refine and expand the product line. There are now many different models (Catalog here) and they are used world-wide for a variety of applications (list of uses).

*We refer to the LENTRY product line as LENTRY Light Systems, Lighting, Power & Light Units, Generator Lights, Scene Lighting Units, and other variations on those ideas. The names are used interchangeably but all refer to the same systems of generators with legs and telescoping lights!

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